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Fire Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage Case Studies fire

A call was received from a client that they had a grease fire in their kitchen and wanted us to come out and look at the damage and give an estimate. The project manage went to the home and 1/3 of the kitchen had caught fire. The upper cabinets and microwave were directly affected by the fire. The project manager worked with the home owner and determined the extent of the damage and gave the estimate for repair and replacement of the damaged items. They discussed the affect the petroleum soot would have on items within the affected area and home. These included the electronics that were close to the kitchen. The homeowner called their insurance company and submitted a claim. Black Label worked with the insurance company to approve the work to be done and got approval to move forward on the restoration of the home.

The affected electronics were removed, cleaned, and returned to the homeowner within a week of the fire. The full remediation was started on the home. Cabinets were removed and matched for replacement. Walls, insulation, ducts, carpet, and appliances were cleaned or removed and replaced according to IICRC standards. The kitchen was restored to its original state with all cleaning completed in a timely manner.

Proven Track Record in Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration 

Our company has a proven track record in fire, smoke, and soot remediation and restoration following the recent Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires. Our professionals were asked by local news stations to give guidance to the affected families.

Though fire damage to a property is easily visible, smoke damage is not very obvious. We use a specialized sponge to wipe surfaces to determine the extent of damage. Call our professionals for an additional inspection to know exactly about the damage done by the smoke.

Systematic Remediation Process

  • Identify and understand the health concerns. Smoke and soot can affect healthy people as well as those with respiratory issues
  • Identify and understand all the things that need to be done to get your home back in order
  • Assist with the claims process. Make it easy by working with you and your insurance company

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