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Water Damage

Water Damage Case Studies water 

A call was received at 11pm on Friday night with a flood in a home. The homeowner had returned to a break in a water pipe in an upstairs bathroom that had been running for a few hours. Black Label technicians were called and arrived to the home within an hour of the call. It was found that the water had affected the second floor bathroom and hallway. Also affected was the main floor where the water had run down through the flooring into the ceiling of the main floor and down the walls. Water dripping from the walls and the ceiling caused multiple spots where the paint was sagging.

The crew worked with the homeowner to file the claim and started the work of removing the water and any damaged drywall, flooring, and cabinetry. After completion of removal of affected materials, high velocity drying units and dehumidifiers were set in place to dry all of the remaining moisture.

Three days later the rebuild of the property commenced. Black Label scheduled and coordinated all work to be completed as quickly as possible with the highest quality possible.

Within a week the home was restored to its original condition with a few upgrades as well. The home owner was very happy with all work completed and with the quality of the workers who were in their home.

FAQs - Water Damage Remediation and Rebuilding

Q: If I have wet carpet, tile, walls, ceiling, and / or contents, why can’t I let these items dry on their own?
A: The only way to properly dry wet building materials and contents is to use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the building materials as quickly as possible to minimize the chances of mold / mildew. If you allow building materials and contents to air dry on their own, it increases the chances of mold and mildew growth.

Q: Should I be concerned if the loss is gray or black water i.e. toilet or sewer backup?
A: Yes, bacteria-laden water from these sources may pose a significant risk to one's health, especially if ingested. All porous items that have been saturated should be discarded in most cases.

Q: Does Black Label Restoration and Cleaning restore damaged personal property?
A: Yes, clothing, upholstery, wood furniture, documents, window coverings, etc. are handled and restored by the experienced Personal Property Division.

Q: Does Black Label Restoration and Cleaning handle the repairs too?
A: Yes, Black Label Restoration and Cleaning handles the structural repair, content drying as well as repairs and restoration. These services include, but are not limited to, drywall repair, finish carpentry, carpet, tile, wood flooring, paint, etc. We are a full-service company.

Q: Does Black Label Restoration and Cleaning do additional work (repairs, renovations, upgrades, etc.) that is not covered in the claim?
A: Yes, any additional work requested will be estimated and will often be more affordable because workers are already set up on site. Black Label Restoration and Cleaning is a full-service company.
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